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ThinkStation P Series Family

thinkstation p320 tiny
ThinkStation P320 Tiny
thinkstation p320 tw sff
ThinkStation P320 Tower and SFF
thinkstation p410
ThinkStation P410
thinkstation p510
ThinkStation P510
thinkstation p710
ThinkStation P710
thinkstation p910
ThinkStation P910
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03 p520 hero front facing right resized
ThinkStation P520
p520c 03 resized
ThinkStation P520c
thinkstation20p720 resize
ThinkStation P720
thinkstation20p920 resized
ThinkStation P920
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Lenovo Workstations Sales Playbook

For Industry Segments

This playbook is designed to help you better understand your customers, their industries, and what’s important to them. You’ll also get to know more about the full line of Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstations. We’ve provided sales plays for each industry segment to help you suggest solutions to solve your customer’s business challenges.


Download Playbook

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ThinkStation P320 Tiny Features

Empowering great things

The world’s smallest workstation packs 7th Gen Intel® processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics – along with up to 2TB of M.2 NVMe SSD storage and 32GB of memory – to deliver blazing speeds for an entry-level system.


Ideal for any industry

Able to support six independent displays, this Tiny system easily answers the demands of architecture and engineering, financial services, healthcare, or STEM education.


Designed for ease

With three available mounting options and convenient access for simple upgrades, the Tiny fits perfectly with the way you – and your IT staff – works.


A better software experience

The P320 Tiny is certified to run key ISV applications from companies including Autodesk, Dassault, PTC, AVEVA, Bentley, Nemetschek, and Siemens.


More efficient for you and the Earth

Designed to maximize energy use, the P320 Tiny comes with a wide range of environmental certifications. Plus, Lenovo workstations are the only workstations certified by GreenGuard for better indoor air quality.

thinkstation p320 tiny foward facing
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ThinkStation P320 Tower and Small Form Factor Features

Elevating the Entry-level Desktop

If you’re looking for an entry level desktop that doesn’t sacrifice performance or reliability, you’re going to love the ThinkStation P320 Tower (TW) and Small Form Factor (SFF). Featuring the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor, this machine is built to boost productivity. And with the powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics card, you’ll be limited by nothing but your imagination.


Built for Speed

The P320 workstation comes equipped with Intel’s high-performance Xeon® processors and the 7th Generation Core i7 processors for unparalleled performance.


Cool and Quiet

With a unique thermal design, the P320 is engineered for maximum cool air delivery to key components, reducing the risk of hardware failure. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet so you can hear yourself think.


No Interruptions

You’ll have the power, memory, and storage to run your favorite applications, including Autodesk®, AutoCAD®, and Adobe® Photoshop®, without interruption.


Durable for the Duration

Using MIL-SPEC standards and more than 200 durability tests, the ThinkStation P320 is tested for reliability with the industry’s most rigorous standards.

thinkstation p320 family crop
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ThinkStation P520 Features

Usability. Reliability. Performance.

The most powerful single CPU workstation- a next-generation system that packs enough punch for any job and is reliable enough for mission-critical environments. Customize a ThinkStation® P520 for the power, performance and usability you need, including the highest number of cores and insane frequencies with the latest high-performing Intel® Xeon® W processors and professional NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics.

The P520 delivers peak performance for architects, designers, engineers and creative professionals pushing the limits of 3D animation and visual e_ects. With super-fast memory, cutting-edge storage, dual M.2 support directly on the motherboard, ISV certification and advanced cooling, it handles everything with ease—from huge workloads to complex modelling to virtual reality.

06 p520 hero with p27 monitor kb and mouse front facing left cropped
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ThinkStation P520c Features

Mainstream Workstation on a Budget.

Closing the gap in price and performance between entry-level and high-end workstations. The ThinkStation® P520c o_ers a higher CPU performance and memory capacity than any entry-level workstation in the market. O_ering the latest high-performance Intel® Xeon® W processors, NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics, and cutting-edge storage technologies, in a compact tower workstation.

A next-generation mainstream workstation that’s powerful enough for any job and reliable enough for mission-critical environments. From handling large workloads to multitasking with ease, ThinkStation® P520c takes everything in its stride. Energy-e_cient and extremely reliable, it's also ISV-certified, VR-ready and now comes with super-fast dual-M.2 NVMe support directly on the motherboard.

p520c 04
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ThinkStation P720 Features

Feature-Rich-Dual-Processor Workstation.

Swappable PSU allows you to only pay for the performance you need. The P720 has more processing, graphics and memory power for CAD and Digital Content professionals.

Power up a versatile next-generation workstation primed for mission-critical tasks. Customize a ThinkStation® P720 for the performance you need with the fastest memory and up to 12 drives using Flex Trays that hold up to two drives per bay.

Ideal for the most demanding workflows in engineering & architecture, media & entertainment, finance, and medical industries.

thinkstation20p720 pb resized
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ThinkStation P920 Features

Get more done faster with the ThinkStation P920.

Outfitted with the latest generation multicore Intel® Xeon® processors and supporting graphics technology from NVIDIA®, the P920 tackles the biggest CAD, CAM, Media and Entertainment, Life Science R&D, and Energy/Oil & Gas challenges with ease.

Customize a ThinkStation® P920 for the performance you need, including the most I/O supporting up to 3x NVIDIA® Quadro® GP100 GPUs. Superior design features on this top-of-the-line workhorse include Flex Trays that hold up to two drives per bay for total versatility and patented Tri-Channel Cooling for enhanced reliability. Thanks to our unique thermal management that keeps things cool on the inside and quiet on the outside.

Ideal for the highest-performance workflows including rendering, simulation, visualization, deep learning and artificial intelligence across industries.

thinkstation20p920 pb resized
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ThinkStation P410 Features

Mainstream Workstation on a Budget

Closing the gap in price and performance between entry-level and mainstream workstations. The ThinkStation® P410 offers a higher core count and memory capacity than any entry-level workstation in the market.


Reliable Performer

Intel® Xeon® processors with Turbo Max 3.0 and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics deliver powerful performance with ISV certifications, fully customizable storage, memory, power and I/O configurations.


Innovative Features

Offering the ultimate in flexibility for a mainstream workstation with a wide variety of storage options; including blazingly fast M.2 SSDs and SAS drives for affordable power that's safer and faster.


Unmatched Usability

ThinkStation P Series workstations don't just stop at hardware innovation, but offer the Lenovo Performance Tuner to fine-tune the user experience; including resource monitoring and software-specific profiles.

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ThinkStation P510 Features

Versatile Workstation Configured Your Way

A next-generation mainstream workstation that’s powerful enough for any job and reliable enough for mission-critical environments. Customize a ThinkStation® P510 for the power, performance and usability you need, including twice the storage and four-times the memory capacity.


Innovative Design

Superior design features include Flex Trays that hold up to two drives for total flexibility, swappable power supplies and patented Tri-Channel Cooling for enhanced reliability.


Powerful Performer

The P510 when paired with the NVIDIA® Quadro® M4000 is the ideal solution for medical imaging and research. FLEX Module, FLEX Connector, modular design and Blind Connect HDDs give you best-in-class user experience. And Lenovo ThinkStation workstations are fully certified and tested to optimize performance for the top ISV applications.

  • P510 Datasheet
  • P510 Images
thinkstation p510 600x500
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ThinkStation P710 Features

Feature-Rich Dual Processor Workstation

The P710 can support up to two Intel® Xeon® processors and high-end NVIDIA® Maximus configurations, pairing Quadro® and Tesla® cards for performance-demanding video creation/editing and 3D rendering applications.


Flexible and Cool

FLEX Trays hold up to two driver per bay for total versatility and a swappable PSU allow you to only pay for the performance you need, creating a system as unique as your work. This powerhouse also features tri-channel cooling, keeping its components running at low temperatures to boost reliability.


Customizable Options

Fully customizable storage, memory, power, I/O configurations and innovative modular design makes tool-less upgrades a snap.

  • P710 Datasheet
  • P710 Images
thinkstation p710 07
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ThinkStation P910 Features

Power Performer

Intel® Xeon® processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics deliver powerful performance. ISV certifications, fully customizable storage, memory, power and I/O configurations.


Innovative Design

Innovative modular design makes tool-less upgrades a snap. Unique drive trays accommodate two drives per tray and feature blind connection for cable-free and fully configurable storage; and swapable power supplies.


Unmatched Reliability

ThinkStation P Series workstations run cooler than ever thanks to our advanced Tri-Channel cooling and innovative air baffle design.

  • P910 Datasheet
  • P910 Images
thinkstation p910 03
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