Introducing the ThinkAgile CP Series

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A unified portfolio of server, storage, and networking solutions

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Next generation IT for software-defined infrastructure

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Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers

All new rack, tower, blade, mission critical and dense optimized systems with brand new architecture designed and built for Future-Defined Data Centers.

Rack Servers
Tower Servers

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Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage

ThinkSystem DS Series offers all flash and hybrid flash arrays that are application optimized for performance and scalability. The ThinkSystem DB Series offers trusted and widely deployed purpose built network infrastructure for storage.

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Lenovo ThinkSystem Networking

Flexible networking for future-defined data centers, open and interoperable products with multi-layer intelligent networking optimized for virtualized environments.

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Lenovo ThinkAgile

Transformative Next-Gen IT for software-defined infrastructure, with the ease and speed of public cloud and the control of on-premises IT.

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ThinkAgile Resources


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New Data Center Training Courses

New training courses for ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile products are now available in the Partner Portal. You will need to login using your LPN account to access these courses.

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