Lenovo’s server portfolio and Windows Server 2016 Reseller Option Kits (ROK) offer incredible capability, innovation, value, and scalability.

Download the assets below to learn about Windows Server 2016, benefits of purchasing Windows Server 2016 ROKs through Lenovo, and how to choose the right ROK for your customers.

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Lenovo & Windows Server 2016 Brochure

Windows Server 2016 is the perfect complement to all that Lenovo has to offer our data center customers. Focusing on greater reliability for today’s increasing data storage and processing challenges, Windows Server 2016 amplifies Lenovo’s dedication to cost-effectiveness, reliability, and high performance. Download this brochure to learn the benefits of buying Windows Server 2016 through Lenovo.



lenovo windows server 2016 spotlight
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Windows Server 2016 Battlecard

Download this battlecard to learn how Windows Server 2016 helps safeguards businesses, improves IT efficiency and productivity and prepares companies for the cloud. This guide also presents key server scenarios for SMBs and shows which edition of Windows Server 2016 is right for your customers.


lenovo windows server 2016 battlecard
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Windows Server 2016 Datasheet

Lenovo, #1 in worldwide PC share and #3 in server, delivers competitive pricing and innovative performance alongside numerous industry top rankings and awards. With the launch of Windows Server 2016, Lenovo offers incredible capability, innovation, value and scalability for server customers.



lenovo windows server 2016 rok datasheet
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Lenovo Server & Windows Server 2016 Chooser

Your customers can save time and money by purchasing Windows Server 2016 as a Reseller Option Kit (ROK) at the time they buy Lenovo hardware. Download this quick reference guide that will help you match Lenovo Servers with the right ROK option.



lenovo windows server 2016 rok chooser
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Lenovo Windows Server 2016 Part Number Summary

Just need a cheatsheet to Windows Server 2016 part numbers? Use this quick reference guide to see all of our ROK options.



lenovo windows server 2016 rok part number summary
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