Worldwide Lenovo Innovation Centers

Providing Lenovo clients with remote access to Data Center Proof of Concepts based on Lenovo servers and industry leading options and components

How to Request an Engagement?

Step 1

Contact your Lenovo Sales Representative


Step 2

Fill out and submit the questionnaire.

Download Questionnaire


Step 3

Fill in the on-line web form.

Request an IC Engagement


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Create Customized Solutions for Customers

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Share Strategies

Discuss customer needs, share industry-leading data center strategy, review Lenovo’s DCG value proposition.

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Explore Products

Explore and review Lenovo DCG demonstrations and learn how Lenovo’s data center products and solutions deliver value.

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Create Solutions

Collaborate with data center experts on network, server, storage, and management to create and customize solutions.

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IC Options

Remote Proof of Concept
Remote Proof of Technology
Remote Demonstrations

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Innovation Center Solutions

What does the Innovation Center provide via remote access?
  • Proof of Technology
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Dynamic Demos
What are the areas for building confidence?
  • Complete Stack: Software, Compute, Storage, Network
  • Specific application workloads
  • Infrastructure Features like Security, Disaster Recovery
What results are saved in the Innovation Center Library?
  • Configuration details
  • Implementation guides and more
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Solution Kits

Solution kits contain presentations, solution briefs and TopSeller and CTO based configuration files.

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Software Defined Storage Solution

Download Now

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Hyperconverged Solution

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Lenovo Networking Solution Kit

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Additional Resources

For Lenovo Sales Teams

Lenovo Sales Reps: To book an engagement, please use VisitOps in Salesforce.  Download this walkthrough  for instructions.

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