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Delivering Value-Based Care

The modern healthcare landscape – with its security, mobility and next-gen technology focuses – calls for innovative healthcare-specific IT solutions designed to elevate care delivery and improve experiences for patients, clinicians and other professional staff.

For partners navigating today’s healthcare environment, Lenovo Health provides the IT foundation necessary to enhance clinical mobility, improve care collaboration, streamline data access and improve the patient experience.


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Lenovo Health Launch Kit

We are well on our way to capitalize on the growing healthcare IT market and we want you to join us. Leverage this vertical campaign launch kit to co-brand content to share with your sales teams and customers. We will update this kit as we develop new solutions so be sure to check back!

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Case Study: Memorial Health System

Intuitive, Rugged Technology. Streamlined Care.

Learn how one health system leveraged next-generation Lenovo Health technology to improve enterprise-wide care.

On Call Podcast Series

Join us on our podcast series, On Call with Lenovo Health, created to help sales folks and partners like you by sharing information you can use when talking to customers. Check out the podcast channel where you’ll hear about topics such as Windows 10, delivering the Why Lenovo Health story, healthcare industry trends, and so much more!

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Elevate Care Delivery

Lenovo Health’s solutions improve the care experience for:

  • Patients - Engaging them at every step, from entering the hospital, through care transitions and discharge to outpatient or home care
  • Clinicians - Empowering physicians and nurses to deliver care anywhere
  • Professionals - Enriching healthcare’s growing base of knowledge workers with innovations that boosts productivity
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hero lenovo health four tips brochure
Brochure: Match Technology with Physician Demands

Learn four tips on how to provide the best possible technology solutions for your physicians while maintaining the integrity of your data with secure and reliable devices and infrastructure.

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Brochure: Notebooks for Every Healthcare Need

Learn how Lenovo Health’s comprehensive family of notebooks enables clinicians and patients to experience care anywhere.

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Brochure: Where’s Tiny

Learn what big benefits the Lenovo Health Tiny can bring to space-constrained healthcare environments.

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Brochure: Lenovo Health + Epic EHR

Maximize your EHR investment. Highlight for decision-makers how Lenovo Health technologies integrate with the Epic EHR platform.

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Engage Patients at the Bedside

Bedside tablets offer secure access to the Internet, patient portals, educational materials and other communication tools — helping patients to be proactive in their self-care and boosting their satisfaction.

hero lenovo health patient experience checklist
Checklist: Tips for Powering Patient Experience with Technology

Learn about the ten tips for enhancing care by empowering and educating patients.

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hero lenovo health tablet family flyer
Flyer: Lenovo Health Tablet Family

Learn how the Lenovo tablet family matches portability with performance for uncompromised healthcare.

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Seal Shield Accessories

Lenovo has partnered with Seal Shield to offer medical grade keyboards and mice with our tiny desktops, thin clients and other systems. Seal Shield products are washable and waterproof and most include antimicrobial protection, which are essential for infection control in the clinical environment. Learn more about Seal Shield products through the product datasheets below.

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Evolve Your Data Center to Support Quality Care

Your ability to transform care delivery is only as strong as your IT infrastructure. Leveraging thin clients as part of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution enables you to streamline the connection between the data center and end-user devices for faster, more secure data access.

hero lenovo health data center infographic
Diagram: Why Lenovo Health for Your IT Infrastructure?

Whether your data center is a traditional, hardware-based model or evolving toward a next-generation software-defined design, Lenovo Health solutions are the smart choice.

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hero lenovo health evolve your data center
White Paper: Evolve Your Data Center to Support VBC

The data center plays a critical role in delivering clinical systems, making it a strategic partner in achieving the goals associated with value-based care (VBC)

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hero lenovo health vdi flyer
Flyer: Lenovo VDI Solution for Healthcare

With VDI, healthcare organizations can improve the quality, speed and privacy of patient care by realizing increased productivity, cost savings and improved workflow efficiency.

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