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Logos and Partner Emblems

Partner Engage Program Emblems and Certificate

Lenovo Business Partner emblems may only be used by Lenovo Business Partners.

Certificates are available to support the various levels of Business Partner activation, and have been created in PowerPoint to facilitate customization.

If emblems and certificates are being adjusted or adapted based on local partner programs and levels, follow the guidelines provided.

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Lenovo Solid and Single Color Logos

Solid color logo

The Lenovo logo can appear in any of our brand colors except yellow, or light gray.

Always choose a color that helps unite a design layout. Consider the background colors already in use, look at the product photography colors or create harmony based on the product family logo colors.

Single color

In some cases, a single color logo may be required. This may be due to production limitations or a design choice.

Single color logos have the wordmark cut through. This allows textures, patterns or imagery to show through our wordmark. In these instances we use either a black or white logo.

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cta lenovo logos solid
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Lenovo Infill Logos

The containing shape behind the Lenovo wordmark allows us to be playful with our brand; to bring it to life, personalize it for product brands or specific events.

The images we use in our infill logos share a strong energy, attitude and positivity, while providing enough contrast for the Lenovo wordmark to stand out.

These versions should only be used where their size is large enough to be legible, such as an event, in retail or on-screen.

Download Infill Logos

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Lenovo Brand World

Visit the Lenovo Brand World site for more branding resources and guidelines.