Lenovo Devices Boost Security. Lenovo works tirelessly to develop data protection features.

Featured products

Yoga 260 20FD002HUS

ThinkPad Yoga 260

Keep data secure with fingerprint reader, Kensington lock, and optional smart card reader.


T460s 20F9003CUS

ThinkPad T460s

Trusted security features on this model help keep hackers at bay.


M700 Tiny 10HY000GUS

ThinkCentre M700 Tiny

This small device is big on security with a padlock loop, smart USB protection, and Individual USB disablement.


Arm Your Customers With the Best Security Resources and Solutions

Security isn't a bonus, it's a requirement. Customers demand business tools that can keep up with performance demands AND offer the best features in security. Lenovo delivers BOTH performance and security.

  • Our devices are built to anticipate the threats of tomorrow, not just today
  • Don't choose between productivity and security—we give your customers both
  • We help you understand the threats so you and your customers can stay ahead of them

Our Security Solution page has everything you need to support your customers. We have guides for helping customers understand the threats and for choosing the right devices for their needs. We are also offering special rebates on premium products that deliver secure productivity.

Why Security Matters

The threat of viruses, malware, and hackers can create paralyzing fear when using any device. But the risk of data loss also comes at the hands of thieves physically stealing a PC. If the data on a laptop or desktop isn't encrypted, or it doesn't have strong password protection, very little effort is required to gain access to data.

Lenovo Helps Keep Intruders Out

  • We develop features—both proactive and defensive—to protect data from being stolen off devices.
  • With physical lock slots, remote disabling technology, and biometric protection, our PC features help keep data secure.
  • Lenovo's security team performs routine software/hardware testing to ensure customer protection.

Don't let malicious cybercriminals threaten your business. Learn the existing and trending dangers—and how to fight back.

The growing threats to personal and business data can be overwhelming, potentially creating paralyzing fear. But information is power. Beware the Beastly Threats of Security, an enlightening eBook from Lenovo, highlights the top six threats poised to attack your company's computers and IT networks.


Lenovo Ebook: Beware the Beastly Threats of IT Security
Lenovo Solutions For Secure Productivity Solution Brief

You don't have to choose between uncompromised device security and outstanding mobile productivity.

Lenovo is taking innovation to a whole new level. Combining inspired productivity and advance security, our ThinkPad® and ThinkCentre® X1 family of products allow businesses to have it all.


Lenovo Brace Yourself Against Beastly Threats of IT Security Infographic

Infographic: The Reality of Beastly Threats
Get the facts about the beastly threats that can potentially devastate your company's data, money—and peace of mind.


Lenovo CaseStudy: A Secure Ultrabook Suited For Demanding Field Environments

Case Study: Secure Protection in the Field
At Becker Electric Supply, the ThinkPad® X1 Carbon keeps technicians working in conditions that defeat laptops. Learn more about Becker's demanding requirements and how Lenovo meets them head on.


Lenovo Eguide: Build Strong Security Starting From the Device Level

eGuide: Defending Physical Threats to Data Security
With all eyes on online threats to data security, physical threats are often overlooked. Learn how Lenovo's ThinkPad and ThinkCentre® X1 family ensures complete protection—by design.