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Lenovo Data Center Products

Transform the Data Center with lenovo

Lenovo understands the modern challenges IT organizations face today and is helping to enable data center transformation.

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EOS Announcement

EOS on Select System x Models

Lenovo will discontinue support associated with select System x server models. Download this announcement letter to view models and EOS dates.


3D Tours

3D Product Tours

Our 3D interactive tours provide a fun and easy way to see components of Lenovo's data center products and learn about their features. Rotate, pan, move and zoom with mouse gestures.




Lenovo Press creates high quality technical publications on Lenovo Enterprise products. Search for product guides, white papers, benchmark documentation, 3D Tours and much more.



lenovo in the transformation journey

Reducing Costs

IDC reports that 80% of annual IT budgets are consumed by maintaining existing infrastructure. But since overall budgets are not growing, organization must reduce these costs to leave room for new projects. Lenovo provides unmatched product value across the entire server lifecycle by:

  • Designing systems that are optimized to save energy and space
  • Offering unmatched supply chain efficiency for a lower purchase price
  • Focusing innovation on features that help streamline maintenance and avoid costly downtime

Simplifying IT

The pace of change is faster than ever before and IT must be able to respond to quickly to changing user and business requirements. The tools and processes to manage daily IT must be efficient, automated, and standard, leaving data center resources free to focus on high value tasks. Lenovo helps simplify IT by:

  • Offering industry standard hardware and open management for seamless integration into third party app
  • Designing systems and management that will speed deployment and easily scale
  • Offering converged and hyperconverged systems to reduce management complexity

Accelerating Time to Value

Protecting our customers IT investment is part of our partnership. Lenovo designs systems with invest protection in mind and helps accelerate the time to value:

  • Tap into new innovation while leveraging existing hardware
  • Solutions for hybrid-cloud, hyperscale and other transformative consumption models
  • Purpose driven designs for investment protection and easy scalability
Lenovo DCG Ratings


Lenovo's World Class Data Center Portfolio

The purpose-drive innovation behind Lenovo's data center portfolio is designed to achieve faster business results, improve uptime and reduce operational expense.


Lenovo 1P 2P Rack and Tower Servers

1P/2P Racks & Towers
Broad rack & tower portfolio to meet wide range of needs from infrastructure to technical computing.

Rack Servers > | Tower Servers >

Lenovo High End Servers

High End Racks
Mission critical 4P and 8P enterprise-class performance, resiliency, security.

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Lenovo Blade Servers

Complex IT infrastructures are shifting toward the new software-defined reality.

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Lenovo Blade Servers

Blade Systems
Integration in systems and software for maximum client optimization and value.

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Lenovo Dense Servers

Dense Systems
Optimize space-constrained data centers with extreme performance & energy efficiency.

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Lenovo Storage

Storage Solutions
Lenovo's Enterprise Storage Solutions scale to meet the needs of any business.

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Lenovo Networking

Lenovo offers a large Networking portfolio of data center switches, including Top of Rack switches.

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Why Lenovo in the Data Center?

Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

Lenovo has a secure firmware development process with strict controls and protocols, and our Security Office ensures policies are based on industry best practices and international standards. And unlike some of our competitors, Lenovo owns our manufacturing capabilities for greater control over the supply chain operations.


Proven Track Record

All of the lessons that we absorbed in our journey to becoming the world’s #1 PC manufacturer are now being applied in our mission to become the world’s #1 server manufacturer. And it shows in our #1 reliability and #1 customer satisfaction ratings, along with our 18 world record benchmarks on everything from virtualization to application performance.


Choice and Flexibility

Lenovo has no legacy business or product set to protect. This leaves us free to offer industry standard hardware and open management, with no vendor lock in. We have a strong partner ecosystem with the leaders in the industry, like Red Hat and Nutanix, and these partnerships allow us to offer the emerging technologies and solutions that our customers need. 


Committed to Customer Success

We offer the expertise, hardware, software, and services to bring world-class solutions to market. We embrace the next generation data center and are committed to helping our partner transform their IT organization and meet their goals.


Gain Higher Margins with Lenovo

Stack our Partner Programs to gain even higher margins.

In the sales example below, see how you can stack up the rebates on a sale of three System x3650 servers with three 3YR Max Support Bundles ($11,086 Servers + $4,407 Services = $15,493 Est. Partner Price) to a new customer.

New Customer Bonus Program
$15,493 x 10% Rebate = $1,549
Data Center Rebate Program
$15,493 x 2.5% Rebate = $387
Lenovo SPIFF Program

$100 Server (x3) + $20 Services (x3)  = $360
5% Services Rebate 

$4,407 x 5% = $220
Total Rebate Amount




Stack Lenovo Partner Programs

All and any presumptions of benefit or actual sales prices are for illustrative purposes only and Lenovo acknowledges that resellers reserve their rights to set pricing in accordance with their independent policies and guidelines. Prices/Rebate amounts subject to change.