Lenovo Data Center Products

Announcing Lenovo's
Future-Defined Data Center

On June 20th, we announced the biggest, most exciting launch in recent Lenovo Data Center Group history.

You can watch the replay of the Lenovo Transform event where we announced our new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolio.


The data center will never be the same.


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A unified portfolio of server, storage, and networking solutions


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Next generation IT for software-defined infrastructure






Lenovo's Data Center Group Story

Lenovo delivers the IT systems, solutions and services to meet the particular goals of your customers, helping them navigate the choices that best meet their needs. Download the following presentation to learn about Lenovo's new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile systems and how they reduce cost, improve operational efficiency, simplify deployments, protect customer data, and have the ultimate in performance for critical workloads.



Lenovo Data Center Story



Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage

ThinkSystem DS Series offers all flash and hybrid flash arrays that are application optimized for performance and scalability. The ThinkSystem DB Series offers trusted and widely deployed purpose built network infrastructure for storage.



Lenovo Data Center Products



Lenovo ThinkSystem Networking

Flexible networking for future-defined data centers, open and interoperable products with multi-layer intelligent networking optimized for virtualized environments.




Lenovo Data Center Products



Lenovo ThinkAgile

Transformative Next-Gen IT for software-defined infrastructure, with the ease and speed of public cloud and the control of on-premises IT.



Lenovo Data Center Products



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Lenovo's World Class Data Center Portfolio

The purpose-drive innovation behind Lenovo's data center portfolio is designed to achieve faster business results, improve uptime and reduce operational expense.

Lenovo 1P 2P Rack and Tower Servers

1P/2P Racks & Towers
Broad rack & tower portfolio to meet wide range of needs from infrastructure to technical computing.

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Lenovo High End Servers

High End Racks
Mission critical 4P and 8P enterprise-class performance, resiliency, security.

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Lenovo Blade Servers

Complex IT infrastructures are shifting toward the new software-defined reality.

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Lenovo Blade Servers

Blade Systems
Integration in systems and software for maximum client optimization and value.

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Lenovo Dense Servers

Dense Systems
Optimize space-constrained data centers with extreme performance & energy efficiency.

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Lenovo Storage

Storage Solutions
Lenovo's Enterprise Storage Solutions scale to meet the needs of any business.

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Lenovo Networking

Lenovo offers a large Networking portfolio of data center switches, including Top of Rack switches.

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