New Lenovo Branding Resources

Never stand still.

We are pleased to present the first critical step in establishing the new visual identity for Lenovo. Below you will find links to our new logos, design elements and guidelines. It is important to note that, like our brand and the world it lives in, this guidance will expand, evolve, and change over time. We will continue to update our brand guidelines over time, so please always come to this site to ensure you have the most up to date version.

The strategic foundation for our new visual identity is our fundamental belief that life rewards those who never stand still. Our goal is to harness the energy and attitude inside Lenovo to ensure we are not only a leader in technology, but also one of the leading brands in the world. Our new logo expresses this attitude and energy. The content behind the logo will change and evolve as our world and our users do, connecting our brand to those in the world who never stand still.


Visual Identity Guidelines

Use of these guidelines will collectively result in a unified and unique representation of our brand and create a positive reflection of our company to others. 

Visual Identity Guidelines



Not sure which file format to use?
EPS files: Suitable for reproduction and scaling. Recommended for high resolution artwork.
PDF files: Suitable for viewing high quality files. Acceptable for reproduction and high resolution artwork.
JPG files: Suitable for on screen use only. Do not scale.
PNG files: Suitable for on screen use when transparency is needed. Do not scale.

Lenovo Logos

The Lenovo Logo is our primary logo that has a white wordmark within a containing shape. The containing shape allows us to use the logo as a tag - a bit like a fashion brand - and makes application across multiple media easy by giving our logo room to breathe. It also allows us to be playful in the way we use our logo, filling the bounding box with color and images.

Logos (EPS) | Logos (PDF) | Logos (PNG)


Lenovo Image Logos

The containing shape behind the Lenovo Logo allows us to be playful with our brand - bring it alive, personalize it for specific events, consumer and commercial audiences and to add artistry.

These image logos feature carefully selected photos and textures. They share a strong energy and attitude while providing enough contrast for the Lenovo wordmark to stand out.

These versions should only be used where their size is large enough to be legible, such as: an event, in retail or onscreen. Please do not create one of these on your own.

Image Logos (PDF)


ThinkPad Logo

A logo to represent commercial notebook products.

ThinkPad Logo (EPS) | ThinkPad Logo (PDF) | ThinkPad Logo (JPG) | ThinkPad Logo (PNG)


ThinkCentre Logo

A logo to represent commercial desktop products.

ThinkCentre Logo (EPS) | ThinkCentre Logo (PDF) | ThinkCentre Logo (JPG) | ThinkCentre Logo (PNG)


ThinkServer Logo

A logo to represent commercial server products.

ThinkServer Logo (EPS) | ThinkServer Logo (PDF) | ThinkServer Logo (JPG) | ThinkServer Logo (PNG)


ThinkStation Logo

A logo to represent commercial desktop products.

ThinkStation Logo (EPS) | ThinkStation Logo (PDF) | ThinkStation Logo (JPG) | ThinkStation Logo (PNG)


ThinkVision Logo

A logo to represent commercial monitor products.

ThinkVision Logo (EPS) | ThinkVision Logo (PDF) | ThinkVision Logo (JPG) | ThinkVision Logo (PNG)


System x Logo

A logo to represent System x server products.

System x Logo (EPS) | System x Logo (PDF) | System x Logo (JPG) | System x Logo (PNG)


Lenovo Business Partner Emblem

These emblems are used by Business Partners to communicate a formal relationship with Lenovo.

BP Emblem (EPS) | BP Emblem (PNG)


Design Elements

Business Partner Certificate

A certificate used by Business Partners to recognize their continued commitment to excellence in delivering Lenovo solutions.

Business Partner Certificate (PPT)


Lenovo Icons

In some instances, it won’t be ideal to use the Lenovo Logo or Wordmark based on size constraints (i.e. Web Favicons, Social Avatars, etc.). In those instances it might make sense to use a Lenovo Icon.

Lenovo Icons (EPS & PNG)


Multimode Icons

These icons represent the unique modes of Lenovo products.

Multimode Icons (EPS, PDF, PNG)


Brand Patterns

By repeating the “L” from the Lenovo Logo we’ve created unique patterns that are directly related to our brand.

Brand Patterns